Don’t Squish Those Cake’s! A simple How-To!


Cake Box


Not only does smartboxes move and protect your household items…. they are also ideal for shuffling those baked goods around from

the oven to the next birthday party or whatever the next celebration or event may be!


It’s fairly simple, only your not, once again, using cardboard to transport those special deserts from one location to the next..

Once those deserts or cakes are placed in the plastic moving bins, then voila! Your all set to stack those bins as high as you want for safe transportation and not have to worry about getting your cakes all mashed together inside, like what could happen with flimsy cardboard..


So! weather it’s cakes, office supplies, or packing your home, has you covered.


Niagara Region this is for you!

Wine lovers can rejoice in a move to the Niagara Region. Of course we all know that summer is a great season to enjoy wine, but the winter months in Niagara have much to offer those who love the red and white. After you’ve attended the annual January Icewine Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, or perhaps you missed it this year, then consider the Grand Tasting Cuvee Weekend, taking place from February 27th to March 1st in Niagara Falls at the Fallsview Casino. Niagara

All the Ontario wine and culinary superstars are represented and offer delicious tastings of their signature wines and dishes. You may even spot some local celebrities, community leaders, and provincial politicians at the event, who have been known to attend.

While the wine and culinary masters showcase their winning fare, Niagara residents and visitors can benefit from this special opportunity.

If you haven’t guessed already, Niagara is all about food and wine events, celebrating our agricultural abilities to Ontarians and visitors on a large scale. Another wine related annual event is the Decadence weekend at the Niagara College NOTL campus, happening Feb. 21-22. This event is the celebration of chocolate and wine, with fun events for kids, celebrity chef demonstrations, a dinner, food and drink pairings, food competitions, and more.

This is just one more reason to make your move to Niagara, be it for retirement or for school, or for a great area to raise the kids. Planning a residential or business move to Niagara, we can help reduce the stress! is the greener choice, as well as more affordable and convenient. The knowledgeable SmartBoxes dealer in Niagara knows your new community well and can help make your next move more efficient. Try us out by contacting us at