Frequently Asked Questions

Why are SmartBoxes Moving Boxes better than cardboard?

Cardboard boxes are created by cutting trees and through a resource-intensive process the trees are converted to cardboard (see our Why Smart Boxes page for more information about the resources used in this process). Even if cardboard is recycled it has a lifespan of about 2.5 uses before it breaks down and can no longer be used. SmartBoxes green boxes are created using 100% recycled plastic which would have otherwise gone to the landfill. Our boxes are custom-made to be durable enough for more than 500 moves. Each Smart Boxes, over its life cycle, will save approximately 500 cardboard boxes from being used and sent to the landfill.

What's wrong with dumpster diving for cardboard boxes?

If you don't mind grabbing cardboard boxes from a grocery store dumpster then more power to you. We are all about people using a moving solution that uses recycled materials. However, keep in mind that cardboard boxes are strong magnets for dirt and bacteria. It's often difficult to ascertain how clean used cardboard boxes are, so be careful. Smart Boxes are carefully cleaned after each use and we deliver them right to your door. You'll have clean moving boxes at a great price without spending time and gas driving from store to store.

I've placed an order online. Will I receive a confirmation phone call?

Yes. We will call you to confirm the time and day of your order and answer any questions you might have. If you want to call us before then, we would love to hear from you.

Do I need to be home to for the delivery and pickup?

Yes. Someone over the age of 18 needs to be home, to sign for the delivery and pickup. Our friendly and cheerful delivery drivers will locate the boxes to a safe location, such as inside your home or garage.

How do I pay?

We accept Debit, Visa, or MasterCard at delivery.

Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery is free for all orders over $100. If you order one of our bedroom packages you're covered. If your delivery is less than $100 there is a delivery fee of $25.

Is Smart Boxes a moving company?

No, Smartboxes is a moving boxes rental company that delivers sustainable moving supplies. If you're looking for a green moving company, let our customer service representative know and we will be happy to give you the names of some really cool green moving companies.

How big are the smart moving boxes?

Our moving boxes come in two sizes:

In simpler terms, each box has got a lot of room for a lot of your stuff:

packing clothes in smart box

13 pairs of pants, 13 shirts, 3 bulk sweaters and still room to fill!

packing files in smartbox

Smartboxes can be used for home or office files too!

Are the boxes cleaned before I get them?
Yes, the boxes are thoroughly cleaned before each delivery.

How do I label what's in the boxes and where they should go?

The driver will supply you with peel-off-and-stick labels and will show you were you can place them on our moving boxes. All SmartBoxes are numbered and you can order tracking forms from us which will help you organize your boxes by number, location and contents.

How high can I stack the boxes?

Unlike cardboard boxes--which crush and collapse--SmartBoxes can be stacked 4 or 5 high. Just make sure that you can see over them before you start moving the dolly. We suggest packing a box only half-full of heavy objects--such as books--and packing the other half of the box with lighter items, such as clothes. That way your boxes won't be too heavy to lift.

What happens if I need to change my delivery or pick up date after I've ordered?

Even if you've already ordered your moving boxes, you can still change your delivery or pick-up date as long as you give us at least 48 hours notice. But, please provide us with as much time as you can when making delivery and pick-up time changes. Call us for any changes to your order.

It's one day before I move and I ran out of boxes. Can you deliver some more?

If we are making customer deliveries in your area on the same day, we can deliver extra boxes to you for a small delivery fee. If we are not going to be in your area we will have to charge our full delivery fee of $25. Give us a call and we'll come up with some creative ideas to help. Please refer to our extended policy.

I ran out of room in the new place, can I leave the smart boxes outside after I have unpacked?

We recommend that you keep them inside of your garage or inside to prevent any outside elements like rain, dirt, dust, over spray from paint, construction debris or even theft, from occurring to the Smart Boxes. If they are left outside and they require a deep cleaning due to being left outside, we will charge you a $ 2.00 for a deep cleaning fee per box. We take great pride in our product and want to make sure that each smart box is in tip top shape all of the time.

How does Smart Boxes deliver and pickup the boxes?

Our company will deliver our Smart Boxes and other moving supplies to you. They stack neatly inside of each other and don't require any assembly. Our driver will deliver the moving boxes and supplies right inside your house or garage. We pick up the boxes when you are finished from your new location.

Do you know how I can reduce my move-related stress?

Plan in advance. Use our moving tips. Relax and place the order with Smart Boxes.

Additional Charges

There will be a $25 fee for: